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angeli2017 - 34 years old Women

i am here to meet new people

Hi,I would love you to write to me on my personal email,i would love to share something very important with you,,I would love...
From new york, alabama, United States

SAM2008 - 28 years old Man

Looking for relationship

I am a smart hardworking engineer, looking for dating, relationship, and hookup.
I am living in Dublin, I usually go to watch movies and pubs.
From Dublin, Dublin, Ireland

BlueMoonGirl - 49 years old Women

Blue is my favourite colour...

I'm a social person who loves to try out new things. It's a cliche, but I really do love meeting new people. It probably comes from spending a number of...
From Galway, Galway, Ireland

hellen - 31 years old Women


my love is goodmy love is goodmy love is goodmy love is goodmy love is goodmy love is goodmy love is goodmy love is goodmy love is goodmy love is goodmy...
From new york, new york, United States

Sheriff600 - 36 years old Man

Just seeing whats on this and take it from there

just seeing whats on this and take it from there. young man in uniform, hope you ladies like that. up for whatever happens...
From dublin, Dublin, Ireland
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Reasons for joining the online dating community...
  • You are fed-up with the pubs & night club scene
  • Kids are taking most of your time
  • Working or studying long hours and no time to socialize
  • Hard to get the FREE time to find the right partner. Things always gets in the way.
  • You just moved in this new town/area and looking to make new friends
  • You are not particularly a social bunch
  • Online dating is actually a lot of FUN
  • You feel more comfortable & relax talking to someone online than in real time
  • Online dating is like online shopping. You have more information. Not everything, but more than you get from randomly walking around a store. It takes a bit more work, but in the end you have a much better chance of getting what you actually want.
  • Is walking around a bar and talking to someone that buys you a drink really less superficial than reading someone's well-thought-out profile on a dating site and choosing to exchange a few emails?
  • You've got to be in to win it. On-line dating gives you more opportunities to meet a lot more people in a week than you would in your daily routine.
  • You are able to meet various people whom you never would have met otherwise
  • One of the best things about dating online is that one can know the deal breakers (smoking, drinking, how many kids, etc.) before falling for someone, before attempting to justify a relationship that won't work.
  • With online dating you get straight to the personal information that might take a cup of coffee and an entire date to figure out. Two minutes on the computer beats an entire Friday night