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A treadmill can add consistency to your walking workout.
Most models have in-built programming that allows you to maintain speed and intensity throughout your entire workout.
They also have incline device that would let you control the inclination of your walk, exactly as though you are walking up or down hill.

According to a research conducted by the Harvard Medical School, walking for 45 minutes, five times a week can cut your chances of getting a flu or cold to half.
But if the weather condition is bad, for example, if it is raining, or it is very windy, you can't really walk, can you?
That is when a treadmill seems to be such a great exercise equipment to have.

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New Road, Dublin 22, Dublin, Ireland
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MT1 MANUAL TREADMILL - MTR001 €115.00-buy from supplier website - new window
MTR3 MAGNETIC MANUAL TREADMILL - MTR003 €175.00-buy from supplier website - new window
P3-CX6 MOTORISED FOLDING TREADMILL - TR025 €520.00-buy from supplier website - new window
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