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Sedentary vs Healthy LifeStyle

Category: Lifestyle |Date Published: 19/02/2012


sedentary lifestyle vs healthy lifestyle

What is the sedentary lifestyle?

Sedentary lifestyle is described as a normal life for many, but the truth is a monotonous life without too many activities. When we say activities, this does not include things you do every day such as, watching TV, sitting in front of a computer, car trips, shopping, bringing the children to school, cleaning the house, etc …

These things are normal and your body is already accustomed to them, thereforeitíseasy to do and does not involve too much effort.

According to a recent study, a sedentary lifestyle is more dangerous than smoking.

What effect does lack of exercise has on health?

One of the major effects that inactivity has on our health is obesity. The body does not burn the calories consumed every day, instead deposit those calories as fat in excess.

Meanwhile, our health is affected by increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer risk, risk of osteoporosis, sleep disorders, headaches, accelerated aging, etc..

But enough with the bad news. It’s time to give you some good news as well.

All the causes listed above can be stopped or slowed down.

How? You may ask.

It is very simple.

Include in your daily lifestyle or at least three times a week an activity that requires a little effort. That does not mean to get up off the couch to change the TV station.

The easiest is walking but not a normal walk, slightly faster than usual, like being in a hurry to get somewhere.

Take the kids (or go out) in the park and spent an hour playing soccer, running.

Join a gym and attend at least 3 times per week, learn to dance, spend the weekend somewhere in the mountains hiking, etc …

Include some exercise in your daily life, and you will see how well you will start to feel.

Exercising improves blood circulation, better heart rate, the risk of getting sick decreases, youíll see improvement in respiratory flow, you start having more energy every day and you wonder where it comes from, you’ll sleep better therefore the body has more time to recover.

Something else that can be done to improve health is to analyze your diet. Write on a paper what you eat & drink every day and after 3-4 days analyze the result and see if you can change something towards a healthier diet.

To give some examples:

1. Change frying in oil or fat with olive oil or use the oven grill

2. Decrease the amount of products made with flour (white bread, biscuits, cakes, etc..)

3. Use more of the low-fat milk, instead of cream, full fat milk

4. Eat boiled potatoes instead of fries

5. Drink a glass of water when “you” feel hungry – very easy to believe that you’re actually hungry when you’re thirsty.

Calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate), find out how many calories you should be eating every day, and try and stay in the area.

Do not let yourself fooled by strict diets.

DONíT DIET ( I can’t say this loud enough) because you put your heart and nervous system under a lot of stress.

Making small changes in everyday lifestyle, decrease the chances of getting sick and a healthy mind can be found only in a healthy body!

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