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Homeowners should prepare for harsh winter storms

Category: Home Insurance |Date Published: 21/10/2011

The unpredictability of Irish winters canbe very harsh on people´s homes because of storm and frost damage during thecolder months. Although home insurance will protect homeowners against themajority of unforeseen events, it comes with excess payments and does not coveragainst long-term damage that homes might suffer because of inadequatemaintenance. See Nononsense Home Insurance Ireland for more details.

Strong winds and storms can often inflictconsiderable damage to a property, which can remain unnoticed for many months.Therefore, homeowners should check their chimneys, slates and roof tiles tomake sure they are secure, which will also help to prevent damage being causedby leaks. TV aerials and Satellite dishes are also prone to damage, so theseshould be checked too.

Gardens are another place that needsconsideration as poorly maintained trees can fall causing damage to homes,other properties and people. Trees and large shrubs need also to be prunedregularly to remove the risk of dead or damaged branches falling and causinginjury.

It might be worth families and homeownerspreparing an emergency homecare kit in case severe storms do hit the country,not only in the winter months, but also throughout the year. High winds andflooding can lead to loss of power and access to certain areas for some people,so food, drink, a first aid kit, torch, candles, penknife and a list ofemergency telephone numbers should be kept somewhere that can be easily got at.

It is important that household insurance bein place for such events, as this can soften the blow if a property is damageddue to something out of our control.

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