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Losing Body Fat Simple & Important Steps

Category: Fitness |Date Published: 06/02/2012

There you go. This is our first post on giving you a few insights in losing body fat, getting lean and staying healthy.

To begin with who am I? OK.

My name is Lucian (aka Louie) and I am a LEVEL 4 qualified Personal Trainer living in Dublin, Ireland.

Enough said, so lets jump to the good stuff.

First step in losing weight/body fat is to set-up a goal, a realistic one. That way, you don’t put too much pressure on yourself and you don’t need to make drastic changes.

Depriving yourself of too much too soon, it’s like setting a path to failure. Slowly and surely is the way to go. Weight gain didn’t happen over night, therefore loosing weight is not going to happen in a few days.

Also, body fat can not be targeted… that’s a job for a surgeon.

Secondly, analyse your diet and keep a diary like the one we have on this website. Register with us and keep track of your food/drink intake every day.

Once you log into your account, you can start recording your food & exercise diary where you can see more clearly what, how & why.

You can also enter your measurements, record your weight, calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate and your Total Daily Energy Expenditure whichwill give a close figure of your calories needed to perform the daily activities.

Thirdly, record your daily exercise and activities.

Sometimes, your calories intake is fairly good, but you don’t do enough activities to burn them. Just making small changes could have a great impact on your journey :)

Be positive on achieving your goals. Never say never, because that will upset your mindset and you’ll start wondering off your path.

Don’t say ” I cant do that ” or ” is too hard for me “. You can achieve anything once you have the right attitude.

So let’s break it down a little:

Calories – Figure out how many calories are you having every day… It’s kind of true that less calories intake results in losing weight but there are many factors that needs to be taken in consideration, as your metabolism, your daily calories consumption, where do these calories comes from (food type), etc…

Look at the food you eat and see if you can substitute some of them with a healthier version.

Some examples:

  • Semi-skimmed or skimmed milk instead of full-fat milk

  • Low-fat cheese

  • Low-fat spread instead of butter or margarine

  • Boiled potatoes instead of chips

  • Chicken, fish, lean meat instead of burgers, meat, etc

  • Fruit bars instead of cakes or biscuits

  • Fresh fruit instead of chocolate

  • Olive oil for frying instead of regular oil

These are just a few, but everything out there can be substituted for a healthier version.

Eat regularly and ALWAYS have breakfast – 4-5 times a day, small portions should keep your metabolism high.

Don’t skip a meal and NEVER, EVER DIET.

Drink plenty of water and make a habit of it. Will talk about this later, but don’t go filling up on water in one go… Do it often in small amounts. Too much water in one go will force your body to get rid of it quickly and will also flush many vitamins that are essential.

Exercising – Analyse your daily activities / exercising and see what can you do to convert your body intocalories burning machine.

Create a daily program for yourself and make sure you make changes to it every 5-6 weeks avoiding the plateau. Same goes for your gym program.

Also have alook at the “normal” things in your life and see if you change anything to help you increase the calories burned.

Some examples:

  • Walk to the shop instead of driving

  • Take the stairs instead of taking the elevator

  • Park as far as possible from the main building door instead of right next to it

  • Play some sport with the kids in the garden, park and make a habit of it

  • Go for a jog/walk instead of sitting on the sofa watching the TV

  • Go for a hike or walk on the beach instead of going for dinner to a restaurant – it’s more romantic & entertaining

  • Walk to your friend’s house for a chat instead of ringing them

You can do it and I hope this article will make a bit of sense for some…

If you enjoyed this, don’t be a stranger and leave a comment. :)

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