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Why Diets Dont Work

Category: Diet |Date Published: 19/02/2012

Losing weight it’s a very big issue for many and the first thing a person tends to do is to start a very strict diet.

It may seem to work for the first few weeks, but after a while you stop making any progress and shading off a few pounds seems to take forever or it doesn’t happen any-longer.

Even worse, after a while the weight lost comes back with a few pounds extra.

Why diets don’t work?

The reason diets don’t work is because you are making dramatic changes to your lifestyle too fast and deprive yourself of foods you like by substituting them with things that you don’t enjoy as much.

You are also putting your body under a lot of stress and in turns your metabolism slows down, burning a lot less calories each day.

You start losing muscle mass, therefore less calories burned during the day.

You lack of energy and you ‘ll get hunger pangs from the lower calorie intake.

Your body is a very intelligent machine and it will keep making changes to your metabolism to get you through the day, therefore burning less and less calories each day.

To keep losing weight, you have to eat less and less each day but you’ll soon give up and start getting into your old eating habits. When that happens, you gain back the body fat lost plus a bit extra, because your body is trying to increase the reserve for keeping you alive.

A few weeks later you start dieting again and again and again… that it’s what we call YO-YO dieting and believe me when I tell you, it’s very dangerous.The body goes under stress more and more each time you start a diet because it doesn’t like the swings in the body weight. We think each time that this time we won’t gain it back, but the statistics show that most of us will.

OK, got that – so what’s the best way to losing weight?

Best way to achieving your weight loss goal is by analysing your eating habits.

Get a diet correction sheet, create one yourself or register on our website and keep an on-line food diary.

Do this for a few days making sure you write everything you eat & drink for the entire day. That includes the 1 or 2 biscuits you have with your tea, the amount of water you drink, etc…

After a few days, go back to it and see what you can change to improve your eating habits.

One very important thing is having breakfast. If you are in the habit of skipping that every morning, I would recommend as the first change in your life style by start eating something, no matter how small, in the morning.

A banana & an yoghurt should do for now, then in time change it to a more fulfilling breakfast like an omelette (2-3 eggs but use only one yolk [one yellow, 2-3 whites] and add a bit of vegetables to make it tastier).

Look at how often you eat each day and see if you can change anything to make it better. We recommend eating every 3-4 hours, small meals, which includes the three importantparts: carbs, proteins & fats (the good ones).

Get active and start exercising at least 3 times a week for an hour or two… maybe an hour will do for now by joining a gym, bootcamp classes, jogging, walking, etc…

Improving your eating habits and exercising should become part of your lifestyle and before you know it you’ll start seeing results, you’ll get back into shape and maybe start wearing the clothes that are hanging in your wardrobe gathering dust :)

But don’t forget. Make small changes each week as this process takes time and can not be rushed as we target a long term healthy lifestyle.

By getting active and exercising, you’ll slowly build muscle mass, which in turn will kick start your metabolism, being dormit from dieting, you’ll burn more calories each day and tone-up your body by getting into a better shape.

It might look like you are putting on weight at the start, but do not worry as it’s part of the process due to muscle mass being heavier than body fat. Your hydration levels will go up because you’ll be targeting to drink 2-2.5 litres of fluids each day by substituting thefizzy drinks and juices with water (will talk about importance of water ata later stage).

Another step to healthy eating habits is substituting fatty foods with healthier ones e.g. baked potatoes instead of chips, skimmed milk in your coffee instead of cream, etc…

Use olive oil for frying foods, or even better, cook them in the oven, change to whole wheat bread & pasta… you get my drift.

By making this changes, your energy levels will increase, your metabolism will get higher and you’ll build lean muscle while burning fat :)

Even better, you’ll not have shocked your body with a poor & deprived diet, but instead have been feeding it appropriate amounts of better & healthier food while giving it the exercise it needs for health.

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