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Top 5 Tips to Reducing Your Annual Car Insurance

Category: Car Insurance |Date Published: 10/07/2012

Recent figures published by the Central Bank of Ireland show that there were just under than 2 million car insurance policies sold to Irish drivers. Hearteningly, the figures also showed that insurance premium rates for Irish car owners are, on the whole, falling. With lots of companies offering insurance, it always pays to shop around and compare quotes to get the best deal. However, in these current straitened times, shaving a bit extra off the cost is always handy. Here are some tips to get insured for less.

Fit a Security Device
While you will have to pay to fit an alarm or immobilizer to your car, the longer-term benefit will be a reduction in your annual insurance premium. Check with the insurance company if they require security devices to be of a certain standard to qualify. Choosing a car in the first instance that is well equipped with safety features, such as airbags, can also mean a lower price for your insurance. Also, whenever possible, park on a driveway or in a garage rather than on the road, this deters thieves and can also reduce the amount you pay for insurance.

Reduce Mileage
It sounds almost counter-intuitive, avoid driving in order to get cheaper car insurance. However, insurance companies check the mileage on a vehicle when preparing a quote, with ´high-use´ cars attracting a higher premium. So, whenever possible, carpool with friends, family and work colleagues or, if a trip is short and the day is sunny, walk. You could just qualify for a low-mileage discount.

Don´t Claim
Car insurance is there to be claimed whenever something happens to the car, right? In theory, yes. But one of the biggest discounts available to policyholders in that for ´no claims´. If you don´t claim on your policy, insurers typically give reduced rates year-on-year. So, if you can afford to, pay for minor repairs out of your own pocket, in order to pay less on your annual insurance premium.

Chose Higher Excess
The excess, also known as the deductible, is the proportion of any money that needs to be spent following an accident that you pay before your insurance policy kicks in. If you can afford to, opt for a higher excess. This will lower your annual premium. Raising your excess by just 100 Euros can significantly impact the cost of coverage.

Keep your Licence Clean
Insurance companies like drivers who are considered low risk. As such, they check your driving record for penalty points and are likely to charge more to those who haven´t maintained a clean licence. So, not only for the safety of you and other drivers, but also for cheaper car insurance - don´t speed.

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